About Toba Zaritsky

About Toba Z Represents, owner; Toba Zaritsky

Ft. Dunree, Inishowen Peninsula, Ireland

Toba Z Represents was founded in 2017, as a culmination of decades of experience, in the professional imaging industry.  The company was established to bring wonderful visual content creators together with agencies and great clients, to create outstanding work, and have a good time in the process. 

The artists that I represent each have a unique, passionate voice, and a sense of fun and adventure.  They are true professionals, and nice people, so it is a pleasure for me to showcase their abilities to tell compelling stories that evoke emotions.

I pride myself on establishing long term relationships, making budget negotiations as painless as possible, and delivering flawless project management, all while achieving the highest quality final product that the client can achieve, within their budget.

A bit about my background:

I graduated from the Art institute of Chicago, with a BFA in photography, film and video.

I started my career as a “tech rep” for cameras, for the Ricoh Corp., and then spent 13 years with the Professional Photography Division of Eastman Kodak, in various roles.  At Kodak, I called on hundreds of commercial photographers, ad agencies, stock agencies, and magazines, throughout the Western United States.

More recently, I spent a decade with Westphal West, based in Denver, as the account manager and producer. Now, after more than 25 years in the professional imaging industry, I am excited to put my experience, relationships, and enthusiasm to work, for the artists that I represent.